Align Your Development Team & Business Analysts with the New Living Documentation Plugin for Jira

Accelerate your BDD adoption. Make Gherkin specifications accessible right inside Jira and in sync with your code repository.

Living Documentation is a way to share the definition of your features

and have a common support dialogue for your business and technical team members

What is Living Documentation?

If you are a BDD-enthusiast, you’ll be writing executable specification and automated tests that read like documentation. This documentation is always up-to date, because tests are executed by the CI. Rather than locking away your gherkin feature files in your Git repository, Hiptest enables you to share this documentation with your entire team through an easy-to-use web application, which integrates with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

Living Documentation is #1 Jira plug-in for BDD

Create with Hiptest

Create Living Documentation

Take your specification and feature file in Gherkin and turn them into an always up-to date documentation.

Share with Hiptest

Share with your team

Generate your product documentation using a common business language improving collaboration amongst all team members.

Integrate with Hiptest

Integrate with CI & Git

Integrate smoothly with your CI/CD pipeline as well as your code repository: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket.


"With BDD and Living Documentation feature, it is even easier for anyone to understand what the product does. The design of new executable requirements is done really quickly after the conversation between the PO, the developer and the tester. We went from a few hours to a few minutes!"

Florent Vaution, Ouest France.


HipTest is the Best Way to Get Your Living Documentation

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