Using free text parameters

One really useful feature of the Gherkin syntax is the ability to define docstrings, a special parameter that can contain multiple lines (for example the expected content of a web page or an email).

Hiptest also allows you to define that kind of parameters when writing a test. Let’s consider the test below:

Free text parameters example on Hiptest

It would be really interesting to check also the content of the email. To do so, let’s add a free text parameter. This can be done by clicking on the menu and selecting “Add free text parameter”. Once this is done, a field appears to enter the content of the parameter:

Add free text on Hiptest

Now it is possible to fill the content of the parameter, for example:

Free text example on Hiptest

Now, if we have a look at the action word “an email is sent to”, we’ll see that a parameter called “__free_text” has been added:

Hiptest free text parameter name

Note that it is important to keep the name “__free_text” for this parameter, otherwise it will be shown as a classical parameter in a single-line text field.

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