Living documentation

A living documentation is a way to share the definition of your features and have a common support for dialogue for your business and tech teams.

NOTE this feature is available only if BDD mode is enabled on your project.

Create a living documentation

You will be invited to create your first documentation when navigating to the well-named section of your project:

living doc section

You can use the “Add new” button to create a new one.

If you already have some, they will be displayed:

Example of living doc list

A living documentation is created (and synced) from a test run of your project, so its content always reflects the latest definition of your features (e.g if you generate your documentation from your CI/CD test run)

A folder of the test run will become a feature (if it contains at least a scenario or a description), or a simple hierarchy level (or both). A test of the test run will become a scenario

NOTE When a test run is synchronized, the associated living documentation will be updated as well!

Feature page

A feature page looks like this:

  1. Feature title, description and tags
  2. Background (computed from the “Setup” in your test run folder if there is one)
  3. Scenarios list

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Scenario element

Let’s focus on scenarios:

  1. Scenario title, description and tags
  2. Steps list
  3. A free-text argument
  4. A step table argument
Hiptest scenario living doc

If your scenario contains a datatable, the living documentation will display it as the couple scenario outline / examples :

Hiptest scenario outline

History of a feature

You can get the latest modifications of a feature by clicking on the “History” menu

A new item will appear in the timeline when:

  • The feature has been created
  • The feature has been renamed
  • The description of the feature has been updated
  • One of its scenario has been created, updated or deleted


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