Integrate with Trello

Trello is a very simple, powerful and popular project manager where you can create and organize your tasks with interactive cards.

You can embed Trello cards and boards in your Hiptest scenarios and folders and take advantages of all their features to enhance drastically your team collaboration when defining your features.

Activate Trello integration

By default, the Trello integration is deactivated for your project. To enable it, go to your project settings (you must have the administrator access) then in the Trello section, you can switch on or off the integration by (de)activating the toggle switch.

Activate trello integration with Hiptest

Once the integration is activated, a new Trello section appears on the folders and scenarios pages of your project:

Hiptest link card Trello

Copy the complete URL or ID of your card or board, then choose the type of element you want the link to refer to. You can also press enter when typing the URL in order to quickly create a link to a card.

You can also unlink an item by clicking on the “Unlink” button under a card or board.


Nope! We do not destroy any of your links when you deactivate the integration.

Why the boards aren’t interactive like the cards?

Our integration rely on the “Embedded elements” API, which does not support interactive boards (for now!)

Can I embed Trello objects in other objects than folders and scenarios?

Not yet! We use a lot Trello at Hiptest when defining our features (for example to keep track of the votes on our public backlog) and that’s why the integration is restricted to folders and scenarios. It would be actually really easy to add it in other elements (project, test run, …) but we didn’t want to overload the interface. We will of course listen to our users feedbacks and see what we do about it 😉

I can’t see a way to create a new Trello card from the integration section

This kind of action would need a deeper integration with the Trello API to do so. But we will keep improving the integration (we have some ideas as you can see in our public backlog).

Some/all of the embedded cards I see display the message “You do not have access to view this card”

Check if you are authenticated with your Trello account and if you have access to this item.

Is there some Hiptest power up that I can use in Trello?

Not today! See our public backlog if you want information about the next steps.

I think I just find out a bug…

Contact us through the in-app chat or open an issue in our Github issue tracker and we will discuss it together!

I work with Hiptest Enterprise, and I can’t see the settings for the Trello integration

Trello is entirely cloud-based and for security purpose, we have deactivated it for Hiptest Enterprise. Contact us if you want it anyway.

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Hiptest is FREE for open source projects

We actually utilize a number of open source components, which is why Hiptest service is free for any open source project. We are giving back to the community!

Your open source project must meet the following criteria to be approved:

  • Your project is licensed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative
  • Your project source code is available for download
  • Your project has a publicly accessible website