Integrate with Slack


If you would follow the status of your test run on your Slack team, it’s possible by the hiptest command after having install the app. You just write “/hiptest” and the test run id.

For example : “/hiptest 42” (where “/hiptest” is the Slack command and “42”, the test run id) reply on your channel :


You can find the test run id in the url of your test run page.
For example:

Example of an URL to a test run

Activate Slack on your project

To add this Hiptest command on your Slack team, you must activate Slack on your project. To do that, go to your project settings page and activate the toggle in the Slack integration section:

integration with slack is on

Then you need to allow Hiptest to access your Slack team. After, you will be automatically redirected to your project settings.

Deactivate Slack

To deactivate Slack from your project, just go to your project settings page and deactivate the toggle.

integration with slack is off

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Hiptest is FREE for open source projects

We actually utilize a number of open source components, which is why Hiptest service is free for any open source project. We are giving back to the community!

Your open source project must meet the following criteria to be approved:

  • Your project is licensed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative
  • Your project source code is available for download
  • Your project has a publicly accessible website