Show HipTest app on demand

Note : this documentation is valid only for Jira server from HipTest app 1.3.0.

By default the HipTest issue linker appears in all Jira projects.

HipTest issue linker in Jira

If you want to display this panel only for a particular Jira project, you can update the app configuration. In the App administration section, select the HipTest app for Jira and click on the “Configure” button.

The HipTest app for Jira configuration panel allows you to uncheck the activation option.

When you save this configuration, the HipTest issue panel is not displayed in all projects. To activate this panel on a particular project, go the project administration panel and in the detail tab, edit the project description to add ##HIPTEST## content.

That’s it, now the HipTest panel is displayed only in your project!

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