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Test is an instance of a scenario, a sequence of steps where action words and parameters have been interpreted. So basically, the scenario is a higher level description of the behavior of the application. It generates one or more test instances that will be executed.

Test view

You can view the test directly from the scenario page

Display Hptest test view

Tests are generated so you cannot modify them directly.

Test generation

The way the interpretation works during the test generation process is straightforward:

  • a step action generates an action where parameters (if any) are interpreted with their values
  • a step result generates a result where parameters (if any) are interpreted with their values
  • an action word is replaced by the steps it contains or by an action containing its name if it is empty.

So basically a test doesn’t have any action words. It is a sequence of actions and results.

If a scenario has no datatable, it will generate one test. If a scenario has a datatable with N datasets, it will generate N tests, one per dataset.


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Given the Scenario Simple Sign in Workflow

HIptest test scenario

with the following datatable

HIptest datatable

and using action word Login

Hiptest actionword parameters

Step in Hiptest action word

It generates 2 tests:

First test from a Hiptest scenario and datatable

Second test from Hiptest scenario and datatable

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