Action/result scenario format

If you do not need to automate your tests and you don’t want to benefit from the refactoring capabilities of the action words, you can choose to use classic action/result steps:

Action/result scenario format.

Be careful you won’t be able to automate your tests if you don’t use action words.

Let’s activate classic format

You can choose to use this classic format directly at the project creation:

Create Hiptest classic project

Or once the project is created, you can choose to deactivate Automation Ready mode in the project settings tab:

Step editor preferences

When this option is deactivate, you can use result/action step in scenario page.

Step editor

Now, you can use 3 types of step in you scenario:

  • an action : “Log in with default account”.
  • a result : “check that user is logged in”.
  • an Action Word : See Action word section.

The step editor comes along with a powerful suggestion capability that enables you to reuse existing steps and streamline the design of scenarios.

Add new step with suggestion in Hiptest step editor


You can add a datatable to your scenario. It will enable you to generate several tests with different datasets for a given scenario.

Each column name of the datatable can be used in the steps as a variable.

If the step is an action word call (see Action word section), you can use it in the argument fields. Hiptest will detect automatically that you want use an existing variable and will use =columnName format.

If the step is an action/result step, you can use it with the following syntax: ${columnNane}.


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