Clone scenarios and folders

Scenarios and folders can be duplicated using the “Clone” feature.

Clone scenarios

Scenarios can be cloned in any folder of any project.

Open the scenario then click the “Clone” button on the scenario:

or open a folder, select the scenarios to duplicate, open the “Actions…” menu then click “Clone…”:

that will show the “Clone scenarios” modal:

Give names for the copies, select a destination project and a destination folder, then click the “Clone” button.

Descriptions, datatables, steps, tags and attachments will then be duplicated into new scenarios with the given names inside the selected folder.


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Clone folders

Folders can be cloned in any project.

Open the folder containing the subfolders you want to duplicate, select the subfolders, open the “Actions…” menu then click “Clone…”:

that will show the “Clone folders”:

Select the destination project then click the “Clone” button.

Select “Current project” to duplicate the selected folders into the same project.

Selected folders will be duplicated into the root folder of the destination project.

All subfolders, scenarios, will be duplicated. Missing actionwords in the destination project are copied from the original project.

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Hiptest is FREE for open source projects

We actually utilize a number of open source components, which is why Hiptest service is free for any open source project. We are giving back to the community!

Your open source project must meet the following criteria to be approved:

  • Your project is licensed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative
  • Your project source code is available for download
  • Your project has a publicly accessible website