Automate your tests

Check out this video to learn the five steps for a successful automation (19 mns):

Writing tests with Hiptest is nice, getting them to be run automatically is even better. To ease this transition, we created the Hiptest publisher tool, which transforms your Hiptest scenarios into executable tests in various languages (Java, Ruby, Python …) and test framework.

This documentation will help you through the process of getting your Hiptest scenarios into automated tests. There is four steps in this process, each one described in one of the following pages:

Check out this live demo to see how to automate 1 scenario and integrate it with your CI:

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Hiptest is FREE for open source projects

We actually utilize a number of open source components, which is why Hiptest service is free for any open source project. We are giving back to the community!

Your open source project must meet the following criteria to be approved:

  • Your project is licensed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative
  • Your project source code is available for download
  • Your project has a publicly accessible website